Yoga Lala on Alexa

Yoga Lala is yoga simplified, offering ten minute guided audio sessions designed to bring much-needed breaks, balance, and focus into your hectic days – all from the comfort of your home.

Yoga Lala provides a gateway into the world of yoga and its incredible mental and physical benefits, via an accessible platform for all levels of expertise.

Lara creates a safe space, welcoming everyone from the curious beginner to the established yogi, to experience the calming, positive, and rejuvenating effects of yoga – minus the Sanskrit.

With a variety of Morning, Mid Day, and Evening sessions to explore, each session aims to help you reconnect with yourself and carve out those rare quiet moments in an otherwise noisy life.



Morning Sessions

  • Yoga to Ring in the New Day


  • Easy Wake Up


Midday Sessions

  • Midday Break


  • Chair Class for a Midday Reprieve


Evening Sessions

  • Wind Down Lay Down


  • Melt Your Stress Away